We understand that a renovation is a major investment for many of our clients who entrust us with one of their most valuable assets: Their home. We take this commitment very seriously, which is why their satisfaction is our top priority from start to finish.

Rooftop deck & water damage
NOT ONE DROP of water has entered my house since your team was here, and we have had some BRUTAL weather in the past year. The quality of the workmanship is second to none, the attention to detail impeccable AND, perhaps most importantly, when something goes wrong as it did in my situation, your people are all over it and make it right!

Furthermore, I have used several of your recommended contractors for minor repairs since, and they are superb.


Our home was left in the most dreadful condition possible from our previous contractor and our confidence in contractors was totally destroyed at this point. So, in comes MIRC [Make It Right Construction] and from our first meeting we were left feeling that there might actually be a construction company out there that operates with honour, respect and most of all honesty.

They were able to gain our confidence in their abilities almost immediately. As the project commenced, Adam and the whole construction crew were more than helpful with keeping us informed on the progress of the work they were doing. We were promised so much in the beginning and quickly realized as we moved forward that MIRC was going to exceed everything they promised us. From the quality of the materials and the level of craftsmanship, they totally exceeded our expectations. Nothing we did in regards to changing plans, adding and removing things we wanted, seemed to phase these guys. The MIRC team was always cool, calm and collected. We would have no problems personally talking to any potential customers of MIRC and discussing our overwhelming positive experience with them. And in the end we ended up with one totally "kick ass" reno!?!! We will have them as friends for life!!!


Building envelope & water damage
It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I write about our experience of having our home renovated by the Make It Right Construction crew back in the summer of 2013. We had purchased our "forever" home, less than 5 years old, only to find extensive water damage thanks to poorly installed windows, exterior

siding and doors from the builder. The Make It Right Construction team saved our home from devastation. They were fast, efficient, and gave us a permanent solution to our renovation needs. Not only were the issues dealt with, there was never a moment that we thought our home was not in good hands.

Any renovation company can "talk the talk" but the Make It Right Construction crew "walks the walk". Not only was every task handled with great care, it was obvious there was a strong sense of pride in doing a job right the first time, from using quality products and installing them correctly to cleaning up the job site each and every day.

I would strongly recommend anyone who is in the market for a small renovation all the way to building a custom home to take the time to discuss their needs with the Make It Right Construction team and rest assure that they can place their trust in this company.

Yours truly,
Mel & Lisa

House Fire & Complete Reconstruction
I met the Make It Right Construction crew in 2014 after a devastating house fire. They promised to build my dream house, a place I would love as much as the one I'd lost. As the weeks passed, the strong work ethic and professionalism of the crew won my confidence.

Their kindness and understanding soothed my soul. The house took
shape, suffused with the positive energy of good people working hard and enjoying the challenge. They did more than rebuild my house; they gave me back my home.

Best wishes,

Log House
Due to unforeseen issues that arose during the construction of our family's log home we were forced with the unexpected circumstance of having to request the help of the Make It Right Construction [MIRC] crew to come in and save the day for us.

Although there were numerous issues for the MIRC team to overcome to
ensure a successful completion of the project, we were overwhelmed with the enthusiasm and attention to detail that every member of MIRC showed right from the very beginning of their renovation assignment.

The workmanship that was demonstrated during the construction process, coupled with the pleasant customer service and flexibility for scheduling workdays, far exceeded our expectations and truly made Make It Right Construction stand out from all others in their field.

On a more personal note, my wife and I were sincerely moved with the compassion and empathy that was demonstrated by the entire MIRC family as they related to the unanticipated situation that we were forced to deal with during the building of our dream log home. I can openly and honestly say that we feel incredibly grateful to not only have such a professional organization such as MIRC to work on our home, but also that we were touched by the friendships that were formed during the process as well.

We cannot state strongly enough how we would recommend Make It Right Construction to anyone who is in the market to hire a world class contracting organization, with a tested and proven success record. I am more than confident that they will also do for you what they have done for us, and many other families in the past.

Signed: Another "Happy" MIRC customer!
Mark and Carol

I would trust the Make it right team with my most valuable asset again and again... the care and concern of maintaining order, cleanliness, and respect for my home, wellbeing, satisfaction was something that impressed me the most...

Take care and all the best!