Make It Right Construction is a group of professional contractors and field experts who have worked on some of the largest, most ambitious builds and renovations throughout Mike Holmes' television career.

If your construction project is in the Southern Ontario area, Make It Right Construction can help you design the right plan and approach for your vision. We work with only the best in the industry, from designers, engineers and sub trades to building products, practices and inspections.

We approach every project as an investment for our client, and we protect that investment by going above and beyond industry standards and protocols when it comes to building right.

Our construction makes us leaders but our service makes us pros. From the moment we take on your project your peace of mind becomes our top priority. Clear and transparent processes, on-going communication and continuous support are our guarantee, so you can be confident the job will get done right the first time.

"Every single person behind Make It Right Construction is someone I've worked with personally. That's why I trust them, and why I hire them for my own projects."

– Mike Holmes

  • Plan and discuss
  • Do your homework prior to contacting a renovation company
  • Communicate with your contractor
  • Address timelines
  • Schedule movers
  • Make alternative living arrangements
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